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Hi, I’m Dzub, a System Adminstrator at World Host Group. Here’s what I’m currently focused on:


  • Serving as a System Administrator at World Host Group, where responsibilities include managing and maintaining server infrastructure, ensuring system stability, and overseeing the technical aspects of hosting services.
  • Implementing and optimizing system configurations to enhance performance and security.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to address technical challenges and improve overall service delivery.
  • Keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies to contribute to the continuous improvement of World Host Group’s hosting solutions.


  • Actively sharing insights and experiences on my blog. Documenting my journey in learning system administration for Linux and delving into various tech-related topics.


  • Continuously deepening my expertise in Linux system administration. Actively exploring different aspects and tools to enhance my skills and broaden my knowledge base.
  • Engaging in additional Linux-related subjects to further expand my understanding and proficiency.


  • Regularly updating and curating my resume and professional profile to accurately reflect my evolving experiences, growing skill set, and ongoing learning journey.

GitHub Documentation:

  • Maintaining a repository ( containing detailed documentation of my projects, technical explorations, and learning milestones.


  • Unceasingly advancing my proficiency in Linux system administration and related technologies through hands-on practice and continuous exploration of online resources.
  • Actively contributing to open-source projects, with a particular focus on those interconnected with Linux and system administration.


  • Delving into cutting-edge tools and technologies within the expansive Linux ecosystem.
  • Devouring books, articles, and forums that delve into the realms of system administration, cloud computing, and the latest technological advancements.

This “now page” provides a snapshot of my current focus and aspirations as I pursue growth and knowledge in the field of Linux system administration.

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