Troubleshooting and Resolving '/var/tmp' Accessibility Issue

Navigating the intricacies of server administration demands a keen eye for problem-solving. One common stumbling block is the “/var/tmp” accessibility error, capable of disrupting the normal flow of system operations. This article presents a thorough guide, ensuring a comprehensive approach to identify, understand, and resolve this error with utmost efficiency.

Unpacking the Error

Before we dive into solutions, let’s dissect the error message: “DISK CRITICAL - /var/tmp is not accessible: Input/output error.” This warning flags a potential filesystem hiccup, prompting us to undertake a systematic troubleshooting journey.

Decoding the Steps:

  1. Verifying File System Configuration

    • Check /etc/fstab for XFS Usage:
      grep tmp /etc/fstab /var/tmpFS             
      /tmp                    xfs    loop,nosuid,noexec,nodev,rw     0 0 
      /tmp             /var/tmp                    ext3    defaults,bind,noauto        0 0

      Ensure that “/var/tmp” is configured with the XFS file system, aligning with best practices.

  2. Unmounting /tmp

    • Unmounting with Authority:
      umount -l /tmp

      Prepare for changes by forcefully unmounting the “/tmp” directory.

  3. Reformatting /var/tmpFS

    • Rejuvenating File System:
      mkfs.xfs /var/tmpFS

      Breathe new life into the “/var/tmpFS” by formatting it with the resilient XFS file system.

  4. Mounting Again

    • Rekindling Connections:
      mount /tmp /var/tmp

      Re-establish the essential connections by mounting “/tmp” back to “/var/tmp.”

  5. Changing Permissions

    • Permission Paradigm:
      chmod 777 /tmp

      Safeguard seamless operations by ensuring the correct permissions for “/tmp.”

  6. Securing tmp

    • Enhancing Security Script:

      Fortify the security of “/tmp” by running the “securetmp” script.

  7. Checking Mounting

    • Validating Accessibility:
      df -h /tmp

      Confirm the correct mounting status, ensuring the accessibility of “/tmp.”

  8. Restarting Unresponsive Services

    • Reviving Services:
      e.g., psql: /scripts/restartsrv_postgres

      Resuscitate unresponsive services to maintain the overall stability of the system.


By meticulously following these steps, you not only troubleshoot but comprehensively address the “/var/tmp” accessibility issue. Proactive server management is key to preventing such errors from impacting your operations.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.